Kanye West recently made headlines for abruptly ending a pedicure session. A video uploaded by his friend and music partner, Ty Dolla $ign, shows Kanye reacting with pain before deciding to stop the treatment altogether. Despite the nail technician’s attempts to convince him otherwise, Kanye insisted that he was done. Interestingly, immediately after ending the pedicure, Kanye went back to focusing on his work. This incident comes as no surprise considering Kanye has been trekking barefoot throughout Europe all summer. Regardless of callouses or any other obstacles, Kanye remains dedicated to his upcoming solo project and joint album with Ty$.

Summery :

– Kanye West abruptly ends a pedicure after feeling pain
– His friend Ty Dolla $ign captures the interaction on video
– The pedicurist tries to convince Kanye to continue, but he insists on stopping
– Kanye has been walking barefoot in Europe, making the pedicure more challenging
– After ending the pedicure, Kanye quickly resumes his business
– Kanye and Ty Dolla $ign are working on a solo project and a joint album together, showing their dedication to their music.

Image Credit : TMZ

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