drew barrymore

Drew Barrymore, the beloved actress, is an advocate for reusable water bottles, and her favorite is the Simple Modern Tumbler. Not only does she love the variety of fun colors it comes in, but she also raves about its ability to keep water cold all day long. The best part is that the tumbler is priced at under $20, making it an affordable and eco-friendly choice for everyone. With its high quality and performance, it’s no wonder that Amazon customers are also singing its praises. Making the switch to a reusable water bottle not only benefits your own hydration but also contributes to reducing single-use plastics, aligning with Drew’s commitment to eliminating plastic waste in her home.

Summery :

– Drew Barrymore recommends the Simple Modern Tumbler as her favorite reusable water bottle
– The tumbler comes in fun colors and keeps water cold all day
– It is affordable at under $20
– Drew Barrymore uses it to eliminate single-use plastics in her home
– Amazon customers are also impressed with the quality and performance of the tumbler

Image Credit : Hollywood Life

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