Kevin Gates, known for his explosive performances, took it to another level during his “Only the Generals” tour. While onstage in Portsmouth, VA, Gates invited a fan to join him and she gave him permission to do whatever he wanted. He then proceeded to spit straight into her mouth, much to the surprise of the crowd. The fan didn’t seem to mind, but it’s safe to say a bib may have been useful. Gates has been preparing for the tour by training with basketball players like Kevin Durant, but it seems spitting abilities were not part of the lesson plan. The tour will continue with more dates throughout the year.

Summery :

– Kevin Gates spit in a fan’s throat during his “Only the Generals” tour
– The fan gave verbal permission for Gates to do whatever he wanted
– Gates instructed the fan to stick out her tongue before spitting in her throat
– The crowd reacted with moans and groans
– The fan didn’t seem to mind but could have used a bib
– Gates got into tour shape through basketball training from Kevin Durant and other players
– The tour will continue with more dates until the end of the year.

Image Credit : TMZ

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