Taylor Swift recently called out Kim Kardashian in TIME over a 7 year old phone call with Kanye West, for which Kim has still not apologized. The incident in question is the notorious “Famous” phone call between Taylor and Kanye in 2016, which Kim and Kanye released in an attempt to show that Taylor was cool with the song’s racy line about her. Despite Taylor expressing her outrage at the time, Kim has never apologized to her for the call. Taylor has indicated that she would accept an apology from Kim, but only if it were done publicly. Despite the ongoing feud, Taylor doesn’t seem to be holding her breath for an apology.

Summery :

– Taylor Swift called out Kim Kardashian for not apologizing for the 2016 phone call with Kanye West
– Kim has never apologized to Taylor for the phone call
– Taylor would accept an apology if it was done publicly
– Taylor feels she was wronged in the situation
– Taylor and Kim do not have a relationship
– Kanye’s infamous 2009 VMA interruption is also part of the context
– Taylor feels she deserves an apology but is not expecting one

Image Credit : TMZ

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