Kody Robyn Brown

In a recent episode of the popular reality TV show “Sister Wives,” Kody Brown, the patriarch of the polygamous family, opened up about the challenges he is facing in his relationships with his wives. Specifically, Kody expressed his frustration with his relationship with Robyn Brown, who he claims always keeps her distance from him when he is around his other wives. Kody believes that their relationship has suffered due to the complexities of their plural marriage. Meanwhile, Robyn is struggling with the current state of the family and is trying to avoid being the last wife left. The episode highlighted the ongoing struggles within the family as they navigate their unconventional lifestyle.

Summery :

– Kody Brown claims that his relationship with wife Robyn has suffered due to the dynamics of their plural marriage.
– Kody feels that Robyn keeps her distance from him when he’s around the other wives.
– Robyn is struggling with the situation and doesn’t want to be the last wife left.
– Robyn acts as a mediator between Kody and Meri, trying to help them work things out.
– Kody is not interested in reconciling with Meri and believes their marriage is over.
– Meri notices that Kody is wearing a different ring, causing tension between them.
– New episodes of Sister Wives air on TLC.

Image Credit : Hollywood Life

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