Kody Brown

The latest episode of “Sister Wives: One on One” is stirring up quite a buzz as Kody Brown opens up about his relationships. In a sneak peek for the December 10 episode, Kody, 54, confesses to picturing a scenario where he’s not with Robyn Brown. He spoke about leaving Robyn and being with another lover, only to realize he’s still in love with the woman he left. The context of this conversation is not entirely clear, but it promises to reveal more in the upcoming episode. Meanwhile, Robyn Brown is also vocal about her concerns regarding the future, expressing her anger and sadness over the developments in her relationships. The latest episodes of “Sister Wives: One on One” are sure to provide further insight into the complex dynamics of the Brown family.

Summery :

– Kody Brown admits to picturing a scenario where he leaves Robyn
– Kody is only currently in a relationship with Robyn
– Robyn is angry about feeling pushed towards monogamy
– Robyn is upset about the fallout of Kody’s breakups with other wives
– Robyn has no idea what the future holds

Image Credit : Hollywood Life

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