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For All Mankind finally revealed the fate of Danny Stevens, adding a new layer of tragedy to the show. As Danielle and Ed’s relationship deteriorates, viewers get the long-awaited answer about Danny’s fate on Mars. The impact of his death will continue to unravel throughout the season, affecting both Danielle and Ed. Danielle, whose moral compass always points north, feels immense guilt and regret about sending Svetlana back to Earth, further straining her relationship with Ed. As tensions bubble over on the base, Danielle faces the challenge of being base commander of Happy Valley. Krys Marshall spoke exclusively about the impact of Danny’s death on Danielle, bringing insight into the complex relationships on the show.

Summery :

– Danny Stevens was found dead outside his abandoned capsule on Mars, having taken his own life by allowing his space suit to run out of oxygen.
– His death has continued to impact Danielle Poole, who has experienced multiple losses in her life, including her husband and a close friend.
– His death has intensified the existing tensions and resentment between Danielle and Ed, leading to a significant argument between the two.
– Danielle, as the base commander of Happy Valley, also has to deal with tensions among the lower ranks on Mars.
– Despite the personal and emotional impact of Danny’s death, it is suggested that Danielle did the right thing by exiling him to Mars due to his role in a mission failure that resulted in fatalities.

Image Credit : Hollywood Life

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