Lenny Hochstein, a prominent Miami plastic surgeon, has recently filed a lawsuit over the removal of plants from his property during his contentious divorce with former Real Housewife of Miami, Lisa Hochstein. The lawsuit alleges that Lisa, who moved out of their mansion in 2019, wrongfully removed over two hundred plants, which were an integral part of their garden.

The couple’s split in 2018 has escalated into an acrimonious legal battle, with several disputes over property and assets arising. In this latest lawsuit, Lenny claims that the removal of the plants was an act of vandalism and destruction of his property. He argues that the plants were not only aesthetically valuable but also carried significant sentimental value for him.

Furthermore, Lenny asserts that he has made extensive investments in maintaining and cultivating the garden over the years. He believes that the removal of the plants has caused substantial damage to the landscaping, which requires immediate restoration.

While the divorce proceedings have undoubtedly been complex and emotionally charged, it remains to be seen whether the court will agree with Lenny’s claims. The lawsuit raises questions about the rights and responsibilities of divorcing parties regarding shared property, highlighting the importance of resolving such disputes amicably to protect the interests of both parties involved.

Summery :

– Plastic surgeon Lenny Hochstein is suing Threlkel Botanicals, accusing them of taking plants from his home that he had purchased from them in 2020.
– The incident allegedly occurred while Lenny’s estranged wife Lisa Hochstein was moving out.
– Lenny claims he specifically told the store not to take the plants, but they were removed anyway.
– Lenny believes this constitutes theft and trespassing.
– He is seeking to get the plants back and/or damages, with claimed damages exceeding $50,000.
– Threlkel Botanicals has not responded to requests for comment.

Image Credit : TMZ

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