A trio of manatees, including the former mates Romeo and Juliet, are finally being relocated after a viral video showed their isolated conditions. Phil Demers, the head of whistleblower organization Urgent Seas, posted a video that gained traction on the Internet, showcasing the manatees’ despair at the Miami Seaquarium. This public backlash forced the company to take action. Unfortunately, it doesn’t sound like Romeo and Juliet will be reunited any time soon, nor will they be released into the wild. However, this situation proves public pressure can spur positive change, and the manatees will now receive proper care in better facilities. The Miami Seaquarium claims this was their plan all along, although it is uncertain if that is truly the case.

Summery :

– Romeo and Juliet, two former mates, along with another manatee named Clarity, are being relocated after a viral video showed their isolated conditions
– Phil Demers, head of Urgent Seas, posted the video
– Public backlash forced this change
– Public pressure can spur positive change
– Miami Seaquarium claims this was the plan all along

Image Credit : TMZ

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