The passing of Smash Mouth lead singer, Steve Harwell, left fans and band members devastated. However, amidst the grief, an unfortunate circumstance emerged – the band members were unable to visit Harwell before his untimely death. Although they desperately wanted to pay their respects and say their final goodbyes, external circumstances forcibly kept them apart.

Due to strict COVID-19 protocols and restrictions in place, the band members were unable to visit Harwell in his final moments. The pandemic has restricted the ability to travel and gather, preventing loved ones from being by each other’s sides during difficult times. Harwell’s death came as a shock to his bandmates, who felt additional pain and sorrow knowing they couldn’t be there for him in his last days.

Despite being physically unable to visit Harwell, the band members found solace in the virtual world. They held virtual meetings to remember their dear friend and shared anecdotes, stories, and cherished memories of their time together. Despite the virtual distance, their love and support for Harwell, and each other, remained strong.

While the inability to see Harwell one last time was undoubtedly difficult, the band members will forever hold his memory in their hearts. They find comfort in knowing that, although they couldn’t be there physically, their love and support transcended the barriers that kept them apart. And as they continue their musical journey without Harwell, his spirit will undoubtedly guide and inspire them every step of the way.

Summery :

– Steve Harwell, the lead singer of Smash Mouth, passed away due to liver failure.
– Steve requested privacy in his final days and did not want visitors while in hospice care.
– Only his family, fiancée, her family, and his manager were allowed to see him during this time.
– The band members were not able to say their final goodbyes in person, but they maintained a good relationship with Steve and sent prayers and well wishes.
– Smash Mouth will continue to tour with new singer Zach Goode, unless Steve’s memorial conflicts with a previously scheduled event.
– The band’s manager believes Steve’s legacy will live on through their music.

Image Credit : TMZ

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