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MG Motor India has reported a remarkable 25 percent growth in July 2022, highlighting the increasing popularity of the brand in the Indian market. The company’s sales jumped to 5,775 units during the month, compared to 4,641 units sold in July last year.

The brand’s success can be attributed to its portfolio of feature-rich, technologically advanced, and affordable vehicles, which has struck a chord with Indian consumers. MG Motor’s lineup includes popular models such as the Hector SUV, the ZS EV, and the Gloster SUV, all of which have received rave reviews for their performance, design, and value for money.

The company’s focus on customer satisfaction and aftersales service has also played a significant role in its growth. MG Motor India has been proactive in expanding its dealership network, ensuring easy access to sales and service facilities for its customers across the country.

Furthermore, MG Motor’s commitment to sustainable mobility is evident through its electric offering, the ZS EV, which has gained considerable traction in the electric vehicle segment. The brand’s efforts to promote clean and green mobility have resonated well with environmentally conscious customers.

With its consistent growth rate, MG Motor India is poised to strengthen its position in the Indian automotive market. With upcoming launches and an increasing focus on localized manufacturing, the company aims to further enhance its market share and cater to the evolving needs of Indian consumers.