An iconic clothing item worn by Michael Jackson is set to be auctioned off, with the potential to fetch a hefty sum. The black and white leather jacket was featured in one of Jackson’s “Pepsi Generation” ads in 1984, where he danced with a group of kids and others. The jacket holds significance as it was worn during Jackson’s first Pepsi commercial, making it a unique piece. It was gifted to Wendell Thompson, whose father worked with MJ, and has been in his possession since 1983. The jacket will be auctioned through the Propstore and is expected to sell for $230k to $460k.

Summery :

– Michael Jackson’s black and white leather jacket from a 1984 Pepsi ad is up for auction.
– The custom-made jacket could fetch anywhere from $230k to $460,000.
– The jacket was gifted to a man named Wendell Thompson by MJ himself in 1983.
– Wendell is selling the jacket to set up his kids and family in his will.
– The new owner will hopefully enjoy the jacket as much as Wendell has.

Image Credit : TMZ

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