A Minneapolis driver was shocked when he was pulled over by a police officer who he recognized as an OnlyFans model. The driver revealed that he had been following her OnlyFans account for a few months and had seen videos of her having sex online. The Minneapolis Police Department is now investigating the officer for any conduct violations. The officer, who is described as free-spirited and an “overly optimistic creator of sexy content,” operates an OnlyFans page that offers videos and photos. The department policy prohibits off-duty officers from engaging in work that is not compatible with police work, which includes adult entertainment establishments. The driver expressed his lack of respect for the officer and the precinct she works for due to her side job.

Summery :

– A Minneapolis driver was pulled over by a female police officer who he recognized as an OnlyFans model he had been following online.
– The officer operates an OnlyFans page where she posts videos and photos described as “solo play” and “amateur porn.”
– The driver expressed concern about the officer’s conduct and questioned the appropriateness of her having a side job in the adult entertainment industry.
– The Minneapolis PD is investigating whether the officer’s OnlyFans activity violates department policies, which prohibit off-duty officers from engaging in work incompatible with police duties, including adult entertainment.
– The driver expressed discomfort with the idea of being arrested by an officer he had seen on OnlyFans.

Image Credit : TMZ

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