A security breach at 23andMe has put the private data of millions of users at risk. Hackers accessed sensitive information from about half of the company’s 14 million users, compromising details such as names, birth years, and even self-reported locations. The breach also affected users who had opted into the DNA Relatives feature, potentially exposing family tree profiles. 23andMe downplayed the impact, initially stating that only 0.1% of customer accounts were impacted. However, the true extent of the breach has now come to light, raising concerns about the company’s handling of the situation. This breach serves as a reminder of the importance of robust cybersecurity measures to protect sensitive personal data.

Summery :

– 23andMe was hacked a couple months ago and half of their user base’s private data was accessed
– Approximately 6.9 million individuals, or half of their total users, were affected in the hack
– 5.5 million people who opted into the DNA Relatives feature had their sensitive info accessed
– 1.4 million users who opted into the Relatives feature had their Family Tree profiles illegally accessed
– 23andMe originally falsely stated that only 0.1% of their customers’ accounts were impacted by the breach

Image Credit : TMZ

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