Nicolas Cage, a well-known actor, was recently spotted at LAX wearing a festive red suit just weeks before Christmas. Although he was in a hurry, he took a moment to speak to the press and confirmed that his suit was indeed a nod to the approaching holiday season. He did not disclose his destination, but in a recent interview, Cage hinted that he may be stepping back from his acting career, stating that he may only have a few more movies left in him. Regardless of his future plans, it’s clear that he’s embracing the holiday spirit with his stylish attire. It remains to be seen what the Hollywood A-lister’s holiday plans include, but one thing’s for sure – he’s got the holiday dress code down pat.

Summery :

– Nicolas Cage was spotted at LAX wearing a festive red suit
– He stated that the suit was an ode to the approaching holiday season
– Cage mentioned in a recent interview that he is getting ready to stop making films
– It is unclear where he was headed, but he appeared to be in a rush
– Cage is known for his busy schedule and career in Hollywood

Image Credit : TMZ

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