Cillian Murphy is J. Robert Oppenheimer in OPPENHEIMER, written, produced, and directed by Christopher Nolan.

The highly controversial and critically acclaimed film, Oppenheimer, is set to receive a theatrical release in Japan. Distributor Bitters End confirmed that Christopher Nolan’s biopic will be shown in local cinemas next year. The decision was made after thoughtful consideration of the subject matter and its sensitivity in Japan. Despite the controversy surrounding the film’s subject matter, Bitters End believes that Oppenheimer offers a unique cinematic experience that must be seen on the big screen. The film, which has been a commercial success, has faced backlash due to its portrayal of the atomic bombings in Japan. However, Nolan has defended his artistic choices, emphasizing the subjective nature of the film’s storytelling. This release marks another Universal title handled by Bitters End in Japan.

Summery :

– Oppenheimer will have a theatrical release in Japan
– The Japanese distributor Bitters End confirmed the release but did not set a specific date
– The decision to release the film was made after screening the film and considering the sensitivity of the subject matter
– The film has been successful critically and commercially, but controversial in Japan due to its subject matter
– Warner Bros. Japan previously had to apologize for insensitive memes related to the film
– Christopher Nolan defended his choice to not explicitly depict the bombings and the Japanese victims
– Bitters End has released other Universal titles in Japan, including Darkest Hour and Licorice Pizza

Image Credit : The Hollywood Reporter

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