Drake may claim he’s over Rihanna, but it seems like Rihanna has truly moved on. The singer was seen celebrating A$AP Rocky’s birthday weekend, looking happier than ever. The couple partied in the Big Apple and even visited a go-kart joint in Jersey City. The festivities were adult-only, and there was no sign of their two children. Rihanna and A$AP Rocky were seen dancing together and enjoying the company of their close friends. Despite Drake’s recent digs at Rihanna in his new song, she continues to thrive and look amazing after giving birth to her second child. It’s time for everyone to move on and let Rihanna live her best life.

Summery :

– Rihanna and A$AP Rocky celebrated his 35th birthday together.
– They had a prolonged party and were seen dancing and having fun with friends.
– The party appeared to be adult-only and their children were not present.
– Despite Drake’s recent comments about moving on from Rihanna, she seems to have truly moved on.
– Rihanna looked amazing post-delivery of her 2nd son and fans have been praising her.
– Drake’s recent song ‘Fear Of Heights’ took shots at Rihanna, claiming he had been with hotter women.
– Rihanna fans have been pointing out Drake’s past obsession with her.
– Rihanna and Drake had a relationship in the past, but it didn’t last.
– Rihanna has previously mentioned that they are not enemies but also don’t have a friendship.
– Rihanna hasn’t talked much about Drake since, but he continues to mention her.
– It may be time for Drake to move on.

Image Credit : TMZ

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