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Saba Azad, the talented actress and singer, recently shared an affectionate post on social media, referring to her boyfriend Hrithik Roshan as her ‘hippo heart’. The couple, who have been dating for a while now, are currently enjoying a romantic vacation in Argentina and have been capturing fun and delightful moments along the way.

In her Instagram post, Saba Azad posted a series of pictures featuring herself and Hrithik Roshan, showcasing their adventurous side and radiant chemistry. From exploring picturesque landscapes to indulging in local cuisines, the couple seemed to be thoroughly enjoying their getaway.

The pictures depict Saba and Hrithik engaging in various activities such as hiking, horseback riding, and exploring the vibrant streets of Argentina. The couple’s infectious smiles and carefree spirits reflect the happiness they find in each other’s company. It is evident that they are making the most of their time together, making lasting memories in a foreign land.

Saba’s endearing nickname for Hrithik, ‘hippo heart’, showcases the deep bond they share. It signifies the affection, love, and emotional connection that Saba feels for her boyfriend. Such a term not only highlights their strong relationship but also provides a glimpse into their unique way of expressing their love for one another.

The couple’s vacation pictures have garnered immense attention and admiration from fans and followers, who have poured in their love and good wishes for the duo. Saba and Hrithik are both talented individuals in the entertainment industry, and it is heartening to see them finding solace and joy in each other’s presence.

As Saba Azad continues to share more glimpses of their vacation, fans eagerly await the couple’s further adventures. It is delightful to witness the love and happiness that Saba and Hrithik radiate, proving that true love knows no boundaries and can be found in the most unexpected places.