The internet was abuzz with the possibility of Britney and Jamie Spears reconciling, and Sam Asghari certainly had some insight into the matter. However, it seems that he was keeping his opinions on the matter to himself when approached by the media. Even with the recent news of Jamie’s leg amputation, Sam remained tight-lipped, refusing to weigh in on the potential father and child reunion. It’s clear that he’s chosen to keep quiet about the Spears family drama, possibly as part of an agreement with Britney, especially as they are reportedly close to a divorce settlement. With the holiday season approaching, perhaps Sam is sending some good vibes to Britney and her family.

Summery :

– Sam Asghari has an opinion on Britney and Jamie Spears possibly reconciling
– Sam refused to share his opinion when asked
– He refused to answer questions about his ex-wife and ex-father-in-law
– Sam and Britney filed for divorce earlier this year
– Sam was happy to chat about the approaching holiday season

Image Credit : TMZ

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