Hints have emerged suggesting that actors Jodie Turner-Smith and Joshua Jackson were heading towards a divorce, even before the news broke. The couple attended a press event together on Jodie’s birthday, but Joshua made no mention of it in his Instagram caption, despite previously showering her with birthday tributes. Furthermore, Joshua’s posts about Jodie had always been complimentary, often referring to her as his “stunning” or “gorgeous wife.” However, in a recent post, he simply referred to her as his “@jcrew family,” indicating a potential shift in their relationship. Jodie’s cryptic words in her birthday caption about love and gratitude have also raised speculation. Internet users are now revisiting a clip where Joshua revealed that Jodie was “adamant” about marrying him, causing some to question his public statement.

Summery :

– The details of Jodie Turner-Smith and Joshua Jackson’s divorce remain private and they have not publicly addressed the split.
– There were hints that the couple were no longer together before news of their divorce broke.
– Joshua’s Instagram caption about a press event they attended on Jodie’s birthday made no reference to her birthday.
– Joshua has previously shared gushing tributes to Jodie on her birthdays, but his recent posts have been brief.
– Jodie posted about her birthday and shared pictures, but Joshua did not appear in any of them.
– Jodie’s caption included cryptic words about love and gratitude.
– Fans have also revisited a clip of Joshua discussing their engagement where he mentioned that Jodie was “adamant” about marrying him, leading some to question his public statement.
– Social media users have shared their thoughts and raised eyebrows at Joshua’s comments.

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