Simon Pegg Predicts Tom Cruise’s “Different” Third Act After Stunt Career –

Simon Pegg believes that Tom Cruise will eventually depart from the Mission: Impossible franchise to pursue other creative opportunities. Cruise is known for taking on his own death-defying stunts, with Pegg having witnessed many of them. While Pegg expresses his love for working with Cruise, he believes that Cruise has a completely different career arc ahead of him, apart from jumping off buildings. However, Cruise himself has expressed his desire to continue making Mission: Impossible films into his 80s, much like Harrison Ford with his Indiana Jones films. Pegg’s prediction may or may not come true, as Cruise seems committed to his iconic role for the time being.

Summery :

– Simon Pegg predicts Tom Cruise will depart Mission: Impossible franchise for different creative opportunities
– Tom Cruise known for doing his own death-defying stunts
– Pegg unsure of future collaboration with Cruise after Mission: Impossible
– Pegg believes Cruise has more to show in his acting career
– Cruise wants to continue making Mission: Impossible films into his 80s like Harrison Ford

Image Credit : The Hollywood Reporter

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