Simone Biles, the renowned Olympic gymnast, recently showed her support for her boyfriend, Jonathan Owens, after he scored a touchdown during a football game. Biles cheered on Owens from the sidelines, displaying her enthusiasm and pride for his achievement. The couple has been open about their relationship on social media, often expressing their love and admiration for each other. Biles’ public display of support for Owens has garnered attention and praise from fans and onlookers. The couple’s relationship continues to blossom, and Biles’ unwavering support for Owens demonstrates the strength and love that they share.

Summery :

– Simone Biles cheered for her boyfriend Jonathan Owens
– Owens scored a touchdown
– Biles showed her support for Owens on social media
– The couple has been public with their relationship on social media

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