Spike Lee Slams Jann Wenner for No Black, Female Musicians in New Book –

Acclaimed filmmaker Spike Lee has joined the chorus of voices criticizing Jann Wenner, the co-founder of Rolling Stone, for his controversial decision to exclude women and Black musicians from his new book, The Masters. During an interview with David Remnick at the 2023 New Yorker Festival, Lee expressed his frustration at the constant overlooking of Black and brown people in various fields. Wenner’s explanation that no female or Black artists were “articulate” enough to be included further exacerbated Lee’s annoyance. Wenner has since apologized for his remarks and was removed from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Foundation board. In other news, Lee gave a glimpse into his upcoming Colin Kaepernick docuseries, revealing that it is taking time due to the ever-evolving story.

Summery :

– Spike Lee is upset about Jann Wenner leaving women and Black musicians out of his new book The Masters.
– This omission is seen as emblematic of how Black people and other people of color are often overlooked for their talent and hard work.
– Wenner explained in an interview that he left out female and Black artists because they were not “articulate” enough.
– Lee is particularly irritated by this excuse and argues that artists like Elvis and Jerry Lee Lewis did not invent rock ‘n’ roll.
– Wenner has been removed from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Foundation board of directors and has apologized for his remarks.
– Lee gave hints about his upcoming Colin Kaepernick docuseries, which will be a five-part series taking a long time to complete.
– The series will feature Kaepernick telling his own life story, including his activism and controversial exit from the NFL.

Image Credit : The Hollywood Reporter

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