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Sanju Samson benched again; Suryakumar Yadav does THIS while fans fume over India ‘favouring’ Ishan Kishan.

The Indian cricket team has once again sparked a debate among fans after the exclusion of Sanju Samson from the playing XI. This decision by the team management has left fans questioning the selection process and speculating on what might be the reason for Samson’s continued absence.

Sanju Samson, known for his explosive batting style, has been regarded as one of the most promising talents in Indian cricket. Yet, despite his potential, he has struggled to cement his place in the national team. This latest benching has further fueled the frustration of his fans, who argue that his talent is being underutilized.

While Samson has been warming the benches, Suryakumar Yadav, another rising star, has made his mark in the limited opportunities he has received. Yadav recently played a crucial innings, scoring a blistering half-century in a T20 match against Sri Lanka. This has only made fans question why Yadav is being given a chance while Samson continues to be overlooked.

Adding fuel to the fire, many fans have accused the Indian team management of favoritism towards Ishan Kishan. Kishan, who debuted for India earlier this year, has had a successful start to his international career. However, there are those who argue that Kishan’s consistency and overall performance do not warrant his inclusion ahead of Samson.

The debate over team selection is not a new phenomenon in cricket. Fans, being emotionally invested in their favorite players, often have differing opinions on who should be given opportunities. However, it is important to trust the team management’s decision-making process, as they have access to a wealth of information and analysis when making these choices.

At the end of the day, it is crucial to remember that cricket is a team sport. While individual brilliance is celebrated, the overall balance of the side is equally important. The team management’s decision to bench Samson may be driven by a variety of factors such as team combination, pitch conditions, or match strategy.

As fans, we should continue to support our favorite players and respect the choices made by the team management. Criticizing their decisions without full insight into the behind-the-scenes workings of the team is unfair. Let us hope that Sanju Samson gets his chance to shine in the future and that the Indian team continues to perform at the highest level.