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Big Brother is ringing in the holiday season with a new spinoff series called Big Brother Reindeer Games. The show will feature nine former contestants competing for a $100,000 grand prize and will air over the next two weeks. The premiere is set for December 11 at 8 pm ET with a two-hour premiere, and the finale will air on December 21. The show will be available for viewing on CBS and Paramount+. Instead of Julie Chen Moonves, the spinoff will be hosted by three Big Brother alums – Jordan Lloyd, Tiffany Mitchell, and Derek Xiao, who will serve as “Santa’s Elves.” The contestants will compete in holiday-themed challenges, with one player getting eliminated each episode until the finale. The show promises to be filled with challenging and unpredictable competitions, pitting Big Brother legends against each other in a new game with all-new rules.

Summery :

– Big Brother Reindeer Games is a new spinoff series featuring memorable contestants from the show competing for a $100,000 grand prize
– The show will have a two-hour premiere on December 11 and will air for a total of six episodes, with the finale on December 21
– The spinoff will be hosted by three former Big Brother contestants instead of Julie Chen Moonves
– There are nine former Big Brother contestants competing in the show, and they will not be voting each other out but instead competing in new competitions
– The show will feature holiday-themed competitions and will eliminate contestants solely through competitions, with no live feeds available

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