The famed attorney, Gloria Allred, has been hired by a minor as cops investigate if OKC star Josh Giddey had an inappropriate relationship with her. The girl and her family are not cooperating with law enforcement, and this case has attracted a lot of attention. Allred’s involvement raises the question of why she has taken on this case – it is speculated that she could be liaising with the police or talking to Giddey’s people about a potential settlement. Allred is known for representing high-profile cases and has previously worked on cases involving Bill Cosby and Anthony Weiner. The investigation into this situation is expected to be lengthy.

Summery :

– Gloria Allred has been hired to represent the girl at the center of an investigation into OKC star Josh Giddey
– Newport Beach PD launched an investigation into the situation, but the girl and her family are not cooperating with law enforcement
– Allred’s involvement raises questions about her role, potentially including liaising with cops or talking to Giddey’s people about a potential settlement
– Allred has represented high-profile cases in the past, including Bill Cosby and Anthony Weiner
– Many questions remain about the alleged relationship, including the girl’s age, the state where it allegedly took place, and the nature of their relationship
– The investigation could be lengthy but the family now has Gloria Allred representing them

Image Credit : TMZ

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