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Neom, located in northwestern Saudi Arabia, is an up and coming production and creative hub with big ambitions. The facility features the largest soundstages in the country and is the largest purpose-built production facility in the region. Neom plans to expand to 500 units of accommodation and is not only focusing on production but 14 sectors overall, including technology, entertainment, and tourism. In addition to production incentives of up to 40 percent, Neom aims to streamline processes and minimize red tape for a smooth and efficient experience for producers and talent. The ambition is to become an integrated media hub, offering a range of facilities and support for various sectors of the entertainment industry. This vision has attracted a diverse range of production projects, including Bollywood films and international reality television. Neom aspires to be a true industry base for the region, enabling and facilitating success for emerging talent in the entertainment industry. With a unique natural landscape and top-tier facilities, Neom is set to be a game-changer in the global entertainment industry.

Summery :

– Neom is a production and creative hub in northwestern Saudi Arabia with the largest soundstages in the country
– It is the biggest purpose-built production facility in the region
– It plans to increase its accommodation to 500 units by mid-2024
– Neom covers 26,500 square kilometers and is designed to showcase an alternative way of living and working
– The region aims to be home to a futuristic car-less city called The Line
– Neom focuses on 14 sectors including entertainment, technology, and energy
– Former Disney and Warner Bros executive Wayne Borg is the managing director of media industries, entertainment, and culture at Neom
– Neom has attracted 35 productions, including documentaries, TV shows, and feature films
– It offers a competitive incentive scheme with a 40 percent cash rebate
– Neom aims to become an integrated media hub with a million square meters footprint and 50 soundstages, offering a full-range value chain of industry verticals.

Image Credit : The Hollywood Reporter

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