Trump’s business empire in question during New York civil fraud trial

In a recent interview, Russ Buettner discussed the potential consequences of the ongoing case against Donald Trump and the Trump Organization. Buettner highlighted the uncertainty surrounding the financial impact of the case, suggesting that it could take more than a year to resolve. If the final judgment is around $250 million, it could result in a significant loss for the Trump Organization and the Trump family. Furthermore, Buettner pointed out that this could also threaten Trump’s personal identity and undermine his claims of building a massive empire on his own. This argument has been a cornerstone of his political career, demonstrating his expertise and experience as a potential president. The outcome of the case remains uncertain, but its implications could be far-reaching.

Summery :

– The final judgment in the case against Donald Trump could potentially be around $250 million.
– It is expected that the case will be appealed, and it could take more than a year to reach a resolution.
– If the judgment is against Trump, a receiver may be put in charge to determine how to pay the amount, possibly through selling assets.
– This could significantly diminish the Trump Organization and lead to the loss of licenses to conduct business in New York City.
– Trump’s personal identity and his claims of building a massive empire on his own are at stake in this case.
– Trump relies on the argument of his business expertise and experience to gain support in the political realm.

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