WWE legend Adam “Edge” Copeland recently made his debut in All Elite Wrestling (AEW) at their event WrestleDream. This move didn’t come as a surprise to many. Following the conclusion of the main event at WrestleDream, where his former tag team partner Christian Cage retained the TNT Championship, Copeland made his entrance. Instead of aligning with Cage, he attacked Nick Wayne and Luchasaurus, turning face in the process. Copeland’s decision to join AEW was motivated by the opportunity to face new and fresh opponents, something that WWE couldn’t offer at this stage of his career. He expressed his excitement about the possibilities and the freedom he felt after his debut. With a variety of rivalries waiting for him, including a potential feud with former tag team partner Cage, Copeland’s move to AEW opens up exciting opportunities for him. The 49-year-old superstar’s decision was not personal, but rather a desire for new challenges and experiences.

Summery :

– Adam Copeland (Edge) made his AEW debut at WrestleDreamAEW.
– He attacked Nick Wayne and Luchasaurus, making him a face in the process.
– Copeland had accomplished everything in WWE and wanted new challenges.
– He mentioned wanting to face wrestlers he’s never been in the ring with before, like Samoa Joe and Sting.
– AEW offers fresh feuds and exciting possibilities that WWE couldn’t offer at this stage of his career.
– He is likely to have a feud with his longtime former team partner, Christian Cage.
– The possibility of facing his old rivals, Matt and Jeff Hardy, is also there.
– His recent run with WWE started to grow stale and he wasn’t involved in a major storyline after his feud with Randy Orton.
– Copeland’s departure from WWE was amicable, and he expressed gratitude for his time there.
– He is excited and refreshed about his upcoming tenure with AEW.

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