The divorce between Kevin Costner and his ex-wife, Christine, has been the talk of Hollywood. Christine initially requested an exorbitant amount of $248,000 in monthly child support, including extravagant expenses such as cosmetic surgeries, boutique shopping, and high attorney fees. However, the judge ruled in favor of Kevin, awarding Christine a fraction of what she initially requested. This entire ordeal is explored in a new documentary, ” Investigates: Kevin Costner’s Divorce War,” which delves deep into the nasty split, examining the war over money, cheating allegations, and entitlement. The documentary promises to provide interesting insights into this acrimonious divorce. It airs Monday night at 9/8c on FOX.

Summery :

– Kevin Costner’s ex-wife requested an astronomical amount of monthly child support
– She justified the amount with a list of expensive luxuries and cosmetic surgeries
– The judge gave her a fraction of what she wanted
– There is a documentary about the divorce airing on FOX

Image Credit : TMZ

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