Cher, Alexander Edwards

Cher, 77, met her 37-year-old boyfriend, Alexander Edwards, during Paris Fashion Week last year, thanks to his diamond-studded teeth. Her Turkish friend encouraged her to approach him, and after some humorous banter about his teeth, they hit it off. Alexander pursued Cher, even when she went to Germany for two weeks, and they eventually started dating. In a recent interview, Cher also detailed their normal days together, emphasizing how funny and entertaining Alexander is. Despite their age gap, Cher and Alexander seem to have a strong connection, with Cher gushing over his great sense of humor and their ability to understand each other.

Summery :

– Cher and her boyfriend Alexander Edwards met during Paris Fashion Week last year
– They met because Cher was impressed by Alexander’s diamond-studded teeth
– Cher doesn’t usually give her number to men she’s interested in, but Alexander got her number from a mutual friend
– Cher finds Alexander intelligent, kind, funny, and talented
– They enjoy normal days together, spending time outside, working out, and seeing friends
– Cher has gushed about Alexander in previous interviews, saying they have a great time together and he has a great sense of humor.

Image Credit : Hollywood Life

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