judi dench

Judi Dench, an acclaimed actress and a strong advocate for older actresses continuing to work, has been battling macular degeneration for over a decade. Diagnosed with age-related macular degeneration in 2012, Dench has shown resilience and dedication to her craft despite her deteriorating eyesight. She has been very open about her struggle with this condition, revealing that she can no longer see when she’s on film sets. Despite her challenges, she is determined to keep working and not retire. Dench has adapted her ways of learning scripts and preparing for movies but has stated that she will continue to work “as much as I can.” Her inspiring determination serves as a testament to her passion for acting.

Summery :

– Dame Judi Dench has been battling macular degeneration, affecting her eyesight
– She was diagnosed with age-related macular degeneration in 2012
– Judi Dench has no plans to stop working anytime soon despite the struggle with AMD
– AMD is caused by damage to the macula part of the eye and leads to blurred vision
– She will continue working despite the difficulties and has adapted the way she prepares for movies

Image Credit : Hollywood Life

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