Tom Brady, the legendary NFL quarterback, may not be playing football this season, but that doesn’t mean he’s letting himself go. Recently spotted in Florida, Brady showed off his chiseled physique while on his yacht near Indian Creek Island in Miami Beach. And it’s clear that the 46-year-old hasn’t been skipping any workouts despite being officially retired. In addition to his impressive physique, Brady was also seen jet surfing on the water, further proving that he remains in great shape. While there’s always a possibility of a comeback, retirement seems to suit Brady well, and he appears to be enjoying his time off.

Summery :

– Tom Brady was spotted on his yacht in Miami Beach, Florida
– He was seen without a shirt, showing off his fit physique
– Despite being retired from football, Brady has been staying in shape and not skipping workouts
– He was also seen jet surfing on the water
– Brady appears to be in great spirits and at peace with his decision to retire from football
– While a comeback is always possible, retirement seems to suit him well

Image Credit : TMZ

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