Travis Kelce, the three-time Super Bowl champ, is enjoying some downtime in Kansas City before the next NFL season starts. Despite his previous comments about wanting to “experience Down Under,” he was recently seen hanging out in K.C. with a friend, while Taylor Swift is on tour in Australia. Some fans are speculating about their relationship, especially since both of them have been going through emotional times recently. However, with Swift having more shows in Australia and upcoming dates in Singapore, there’s still a chance for a romantic rendezvous in Southeast Asia. Both Kelce and Swift have been supportive in the aftermath of the tragic shooting at the Super Bowl parade, showcasing their caring and compassionate natures. Regardless of where they are, it’s clear that both Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift are using their free time to give back and spread positivity.

Summery :

– Travis Kelce has free time in Kansas City and has not gone to visit Taylor Swift in Australia
– Kelce was recently photographed at one of his favorite restaurants in Kansas City while Taylor Swift is on tour in Australia
– Kelce previously mentioned that he would love to experience “Down Under” which contrasts with him still being in Kansas City
– Both Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce have experienced recent emotional events
– Taylor Swift has upcoming shows in Sydney and Singapore, possibly allowing Kelce to still meet up with her.

Image Credit : TMZ

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