In a controversial move, Tucker Carlson, a prominent right-wing television personality, conducted an interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The interview, which took place in Moscow, sparked a flurry of attention and criticism, with many accusing Carlson of providing a platform for Putin’s anti-Ukrainian rhetoric. The exchange was seen as an attempt by Carlson to regain relevance following his departure from Fox News. Critics pointed out Carlson’s past association with Kremlin propaganda outlets and questioned the legitimacy of the interview. Additionally, Carlson’s failure to challenge Putin on key issues such as the invasion of Ukraine and human rights violations drew further scrutiny. Overall, the interview was widely viewed as a missed opportunity to hold a powerful world leader accountable.

Summery :

– Tucker Carlson interviewed Vladimir Putin in Moscow, fueling the Russian president’s anti-Ukrainian rhetoric and Carlson’s drive for renewed relevance in his post-Fox career
– The interview is the first Putin has granted to an American since the Russian invasion two years ago
– Carlson had promoted the interview while being lionized by Kremlin propaganda outlets and was given a treatment akin to U.S. media’s coverage of Taylor Swift
– During the interview, Putin dominated the conversation and blamed the Ukrainians for the invasion, with Carlson not questioning his framing
– Carlson did not raise the fate of detained reporters or press Putin on international arrest warrants
– Carlson was fired from Fox News and has since moved to Twitter and launched the digital Tucker Carlson Network to interview various subjects
– It is unclear how wide an audience Carlson now has compared to his time at Fox News where he was seen by millions of people nightly.

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