Red chile enchiladas filled with cheese are a beloved dish for many, including the author, who grew up with this Tex-Mex staple as a major part of their diet. For special occasions and Thanksgiving gatherings, the author and their family have made it a tradition to prepare homemade enchiladas. When living in New York City, the author and their brother continued this tradition, bringing friends and family together over the comforting, spicy dish. The author’s non-traditional recipe for smoked turkey enchiladas with squash and spinach is a testament to the versatility of this classic dish and provides a delicious way to enjoy Thanksgiving leftovers. The article also provides tips and guidance for making the perfect enchiladas, while emphasizing the importance of appreciating any home-cooked meal made with ingredients that are enjoyed.

Summery :

– Red chile enchiladas are a big part of the author’s diet
– Started making enchiladas with family members in Brooklyn and continued the tradition in Austin
– Now making enchiladas to use up leftover ingredients before a trip
– Used a simpler version of the sauce by doctoring up jarred enchilada sauce
– Emphasizes the importance of frying the tortillas and adding lots of cheese
– Provides instructions for assembling and baking the enchiladas
– Encourages improvisation and using up ingredients on hand
– Stresses that the goal is to create a home-cooked meal with ingredients you enjoy even if it’s not perfect

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