Drew Barrymore’s talk show is set to make its return on Monday, but not without controversy. The show has been hit with a massive backlash from the Writers Guild of America (WGA), who have accused the show’s producers of violating labor laws and union rules.

The talk show was abruptly put on pause last week due to the large-scale strike organized by the WGA. The union is demanding better working conditions, fair wages, and recognition for their valuable contributions to the industry. However, the producers of Drew Barrymore’s show decided to bring it back despite the ongoing strike.

In response, the WGA has condemned the decision, stating that it is a clear violation of union rules. They argue that the show cannot go on without the hard work and creativity of their members. The union has pledged to take action against any show that refuses to respect their demands.

The controversy surrounding Drew Barrymore’s talk show puts a spotlight on the broader issues plaguing the entertainment industry. It raises questions about fair treatment, workers’ rights, and the power dynamics between labor and management. As the strike continues, it remains to be seen how this conflict will ultimately be resolved.

Summery :

– Drew Barrymore’s talk show, ‘The Drew Barrymore Show,’ will be resuming production for its fourth season.
– Despite ongoing strikes, Barrymore defends her decision to continue filming and promises to comply with strike regulations.
– She had previously made the choice to walk away from hosting award shows due to the strike.
– Barrymore acknowledges that her decision may upset some people but believes her show is needed during these sensitive times.
– It is implied that the show will proceed without writers, which goes against strike rules according to the WGA.
– The WGA states they will picket any struck show that continues production.
– ‘The Drew Barrymore Show’ is one of two daytime talk shows that employ union writers.
– CBS, the parent company, claims her show will not be performing any writing work covered by the strike.
– Season 4 is set to premiere on September 18.

Image Credit : TMZ

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