Tom Sandoval

Season 10 of “The Masked Singer” premiered on September 27, and the first celebrity to be unmasked was Demi Lovato, who was disguised as Anonymouse. The following week, another contestant, Diver, was unmasked. Prior to the official premiere, the show aired a special kickoff episode featuring a performance by Anonymouse, which turned out to be a memorable moment. Tom Sandoval from “Vanderpump Rules” was revealed as Diver during the October 4 episode, where he performed “I Ain’t Worried” by OneRepublic. Anthony Anderson from “Black-ish” was also unmasked as Rubber Ducky. The panelists made their final guesses before the unmasking, and Ken Jeong correctly guessed Anthony’s identity. Demi Lovato’s performance as Anonymouse on the special episode was highly praised, and eventually, Nicole Scherzinger correctly identified her.

Summery :

– The Masked Singer season 10 premiered on September 27.
– Demi Lovato was unmasked as Anonymouse during a special kickoff episode.
– Rubber Ducky was the first masked singer to be eliminated in season 10.
– Diver, revealed to be Tom Sandoval, was the second celebrity to be sent home.

Image Credit : Hollywood Life

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