An American warship, the USS Carney, was attacked in the Red Sea over the weekend as tensions between Israel and Hamas flared up once again. The U.S. government has attributed the attack to Yemen. The naval destroyer was bombarded with missiles and drones over a 5-hour period, but Pentagon officials have stated that the ship fought off much of the incoming fire. Although some commercial ships in the area were reportedly hit, no casualties have been reported. Yemen’s Houthi rebels have claimed responsibility for the attack, warning vessels they believe come from Israel to stay out of the area. It remains to be seen how the U.S. will respond to this act of aggression.

Summery :

– American warship attacked in the Red Sea by missiles and drones
– Commercial ships in the area were also affected
– Houthi rebels in Yemen claimed responsibility for the attack
– No casualties have been reported
– The attack comes after the end of the ceasefire between Hamas and Israel
– The US response to the attack is uncertain, but tensions could escalate

Image Credit : TMZ

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